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Copyright Licensing Agreement for Asian Research Consortium

All dispute subject to Yamuna Nagar court jurisdiction.

Journal Title

I declare (on behalf of me and my co-authors) that the enclosed manuscript titled:

has not previously been published and is not currently being considered elsewhere for publication in another journal and that I am (we are) the sole owner(s) of the manuscript thereof and of all rights, title, and interest therein.

I agree (on behalf of me and my coauthors) to the following:

1- I (we) hereby assign to the publisher of the journal. Asian Research Consortium the right to (Electronically and print) publish and distribute the said manuscript and to create a derivative print work from said manuscript. The assignment shall be effective so long as the manuscript is available on computer networks.

2- I (we) shall remain the owner of the copyright in said manuscript. I (we) may publish the manuscript in any other journal or medium but such publication must include the notice that the manuscript was first published by Asian Research Consortium Journals including reference to the corresponding issue.

3- I (we) agree to hold the publisher of the Journal, Asian Research Consortium harmless for any unauthorized use of the paper by the journal subscribers.

4- I (we) confirm that I (we) have obtained all the necessary permissions to include in the paper items such as quotations, figures, and the results of government sponsored research.

5- I (we) enclose where necessary written permission of authors and publishers to use any copyright material (previously published figures and tables).

6- I (we) confirm that after the publication of my (our) manuscript in Asian Research Consortium, the publisher has the sole authority of the paper. The publisher has the authority to use the content of the whole paper or part of it, in an edited book, or other mediums, without the permission of authors.

7- All disputes subject to Yamuna Nagar court jurisdiction. This Copyright Licensing Agreement comes into force the day of sending this completed electronic form. Please kindly enter your name, address, and e-mail address (and the names of your co-authors).

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